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A Secret Champion

If I were to go on a vacation, I’d pick to go on a trek 90 out of 100 times. Last week my beautiful woman, my wife-to-be, and I were to trek together for the first time, in Kashmir and it was to be special for various reasons. She’s been on a trek before and escaping with her this time had a different emotion attached. We’ve travelled together earlier and we both wanted to trek together

A Furry Angel

Dear Papa, On Monday evening, Beatle had a tough decision to make, to stay with us or to move in with you, and he chose the latter. You must’ve been surprised by his visit, he’s there to stay with you, your little boy, your true companion. He has been a good boy, an ideal one, just how you’d like him to be. Now you take care of him. You two draw the perfect ‘master and


The Third : Crossing Chola Pass

There are days in our lives we don’t forget. I have two very important milestones like those. One when my father passed away and I sort of forgot how to live, and the other, when I met the beautiful woman I now call my wife, who brought back reasons to live, enjoy, and be a better man. Let’s add a third to that, the day I failed the two, only to make them proud, the


A Giving Like This

29 March, 2018 I’ve been on-the-go for a month now, and after traveling in Vietnam and Cambodia, today I completed my journey through Laos too. It’s the end of an enriching experience. I like traveling alone, for it’s then that the learnings it brings along have a deeper impact. It is the unhindered introspection and careless chats with short-span acquaintances that dot the journey with milestones for your mind. It gives one time and privacy

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An Altering Journey

Today, as I sit on the wooden table gobbling my scrambled eggs and toast breaky at my hostel’s reception area in the romantic and charming little town of Luang Prabang, Laos, there’s a crushing feeling making me extremely emotional. It is a mixed feeling of finishing my first month of the two month travels. I’ve just covered through my journey the fast-paced and humble Vietnam, moved across the brave and spiritual Cambodia, and then the


Kiddish Love

We go through four phases in our lives. First is ‘Mimicry’, when we are in our adolesence and learn from others and mimic to become identical. Born as a blank canvas, this is where we pick up a language, religion, habbits, clothing, lifestyle, nuances, and even a palate. Mostly injected through instructions, we are too young to be selective and understand what’s what, let alone what to capture and what not. We are constantly told,


Despair And A Wish

It is the new year and with that it has new promises & anticipations. While promises make our future hopeful, sometimes it’s the past that holds more importance instead. Learnings are the paths we walked on to reach here, and it’s the promises that’ll shape our futures hereon. Thought like these don’t dawn upon someone just like that. What evoked this sudden stroke was a recent quote that was glued to my mind – despair is

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O ri nadi, kaha tu chali Do pal toh rukja, oo meri sakhi Chal baith kinaarey pe kuch baatien kartien hai Samajhtey hai jasbaaton ko tere, alfaaz dene ki koshish si kartey hai . . Na mere dost, jana hai mujhey, theherna mera naam nahi Nanhey see gaon me raah taktey hongey kuch anjaaney log meri Patharo ko cheerke, kinaarey mod beh jaungi mai Baadalo se juda ho ke khud se hi kahi mil jaungi

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Love At First Sight

Bhutan is a constant state of meditation. From the first site from the left window of the flight, it captured us. The plane takes a steady path over kempt paddy fields, bracketed in low-rising mountains, with a soothing sight of snow-kissed peaks afar, and ample sunlight from the blue skies, promising a naturally alluring experience to come all through. And then it drifts to take a soft left U-turn through an opening at the end



Before we start, let’s accept it – science is against you, it will fail you!! Science works in a funny way. It provides answers to all possible things, makes all that goes around logical and practical. People swear by it too, yet it fails us at times. And one of those areas is expressing ones emotions properly. Be it expressing one’s love and affection towards someone, describing the sadness from someone’s passing away, appreciation for music, narrating