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Not many would remember their very first day at school. We’re too young to develop memories then, or at least keep them, but a faint picture remains. Embarking on an all-important chapter of life, it sets a foundation for our lives to come and carves our personalities. We know little of what’s to come. There’s innocence. Without pretence, no judging or labelling, we’re there to conceive it all in its simplest and purest form, filling our


Our Flawed Upbringing

In India, we are taught to stay quite most of our childhood. When we are kids our parents show us an intimidating face signalling a beating we’ll receive if we voice our opinion or disagreed, even if humbly. It stays even when we mature, though its impact we know isn’t the same. The fear of getting a bashing fades away of course, but this way of mumming ourselves doesn’t. It’s disturbing as we grow on.

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