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I’m Gone

I’ve travelled well, been well fed, have slept well. Mind seems to be in the right spot, emotions are well placed, introspected, retrospected. All this takes me away from the hollow, aimless, short-sighted, daily life, fuels the imagination to figure the reasons and virtues of life. Human values, emotions, efforts, struggles, they all make sense but lack purpose. Family grows dearer, messages to the lost ones flow naturally. Love and compassion captures all scenes, fills


Away I Go

The 9th Indian Sommelier Championship, my baby, is done and dusted and I’m still reeling off of the fatigue and post-show stress. 2016 has been interesting for a different reason, travels have taken over but of a different kinds. I’m chasing the list of 50 UNESCO Heritage Sites in India and determined to conclude visiting them within the calendar year. If only it wasn’t tough already, India added three more sites this year, taking the

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