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The Year of Chasing UNESCO Sites

At the start of this year, I took upon myself a task, a list, a plan. India is blessed with 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which individually adds up to a big 50, dotting over various states in all directions. It was an impressive list to try and travel my way through. Not just educating and thought-provoking at times, it has made me see and learn about my nation, its culture, heritage, and history in


Humanity Instilled

Sometimes certain things happen that put you in the thinking chair for long. One such incident happened this Diwali in Ooty. In October-end, as a part of my backpack trip to Orissa and Tamil Nadu, I was on a train from Bhubaneswar to Chennai. Not only was it already running late when I boarded, but by the end of its run, it was at a seven hours delay. Aboard, comfy on my 3AC side-upper berth,


A Learning From Jodhpur

I’m unsure if this qualifies as a travel tale or as introspection while on-the-go. Nonetheless, it’s valuable enough to be recorded. I return to Jodhpur this November after nearly a decade after completing my Hotel Management graduation in 2007. Excitement was obvious not only to see the city in a new light, but also to see my cousin brother, Major Ashish Dwivedi, and his newly married wife. Just a day prior I learnt that he

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