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All this while, I’ve been vocal about my relationship with my father and how he was my pillar of strength. His passing away has affected me deeply and it shows, be it in Irony Meets Reality, Principles, or Obituary. However, my last trek to Kanchenjunga National Park in Sikkim brought a new line of thought. It evoked a realisation strong enough to be worded and voiced. My family is, and has been, the most important part



If there is one attribute in us Indians that I passionately disregard and condemn is that of not apologising. It’s not something that has been injected into us. An inherent part of our daily lives is to make mistakes, but to accept having made them doesn’t come naturally. This failure thereby justifies ourselves denying the most logical next move of humbly apologising. There’s a much deeper impact it causes than mere voicing the precious five

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