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Lucky Star

I was looking at the stars Trying to find a constellation Connecting them big dots Searching for my lost generations Suddenly I found the Big Bear Felt you sitting so near It was you, I could see you so clear My affair was captured in that rolling tear Overwhelmed with joy my heart just burst Ran everywhere yelling ‘Look look, it’s her’ ‘Isn’t she beautiful, I’m in awe, she’s my girl’ Shining bright like the


Why Travel Alone

‘If you ain’t found something to die for you never lived’ – Akala. (Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote’s rendition) I’m lucky to have found not only what I’d like to live for, also how I’d like to die. Travelling it is, the biggest virtue of life. And the best way to enjoy this journey is just the way nature decided our arrival into and departure from this world – alone. Some believe what’s normal is usually

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