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Travel Learnings

185 days of travelling in 2016 took me to various places and brought learnings that were well embraced. People, places, journeys, destinations, and conversations alike, all had an underlying message waiting to be conceived. At times they are to be found, but mostly they just effortlessly crawl in to your mind and sit in your marrow as a discipline forever. Excerpts of some of the long-lasting learnings are here, only for others to learn from

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Irony Of Our Identity

We are born, and then we die, and whatever we make of ourselves between these two points is what our identity should ideally be. Minus our deeds, other identity we have is our name, rather it’s the bigger one between the two. Simply put, not everyone would know of our deeds but would definitely know our name to create a recall. And isn’t it how we introduce ourselves to someone? It’s such an important entity.

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