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Before we start, let’s accept it – science is against you, it will fail you!! Science works in a funny way. It provides answers to all possible things, makes all that goes around logical and practical. People swear by it too, yet it fails us at times. And one of those areas is expressing ones emotions properly. Be it expressing one’s love and affection towards someone, describing the sadness from someone’s passing away, appreciation for music, narrating


Why Do I Trek?

A simple question on my last trek, to Roopkund Lake, gave me a deeper perspective on why I have gotten so attached to trekking. My first ever trek was last year, in 2016, to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of The Great Himalayan National Park. And Roopkund was only my fourth. But trekking has been much dearer and enriching a journey than any other travel I’ve had. The one at the Kanchenjunga National Park, another

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