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O ri nadi, kaha tu chali Do pal toh rukja, oo meri sakhi Chal baith kinaarey pe kuch baatien kartien hai Samajhtey hai jasbaaton ko tere, alfaaz dene ki koshish si kartey hai . . Na mere dost, jana hai mujhey, theherna mera naam nahi Nanhey see gaon me raah taktey hongey kuch anjaaney log meri Patharo ko cheerke, kinaarey mod beh jaungi mai Baadalo se juda ho ke khud se hi kahi mil jaungi

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Love At First Sight

Bhutan is a constant state of meditation. From the first site from the left window of the flight, it captured us. The plane takes a steady path over kempt paddy fields, bracketed in low-rising mountains, with a soothing sight of snow-kissed peaks afar, and ample sunlight from the blue skies, promising a naturally alluring experience to come all through. And then it drifts to take a soft left U-turn through an opening at the end

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