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Lucky Star

I was looking at the stars
Trying to find a constellation
Connecting them big dots
Searching for my lost generations

Suddenly I found the Big Bear
Felt you sitting so near
It was you, I could see you so clear
My affair was captured in that rolling tear

Overwhelmed with joy my heart just burst
Ran everywhere yelling ‘Look look, it’s her’
‘Isn’t she beautiful, I’m in awe, she’s my girl’
Shining bright like the ocean’s most precious pearl

Stunned they were, no one could speak
Glorious you looked, they all skipped a beat
Finally I’ve found her, I’ll make her claim
With universe I’ll fight, let me be blamed

Im the sky and you’re a star
Made for one another we both are
What are you without me and I without you
Not just us, even the universe wont have a clue

We both were lost but now we’re found
I’m yours my darling, on me you can count
You too will lift me and dust off those troubles
All it’ll take is your precious smile, it’s worth a million Roubles

You’re mine, only mine, there’s no other way
I’m keeping you forever, this ain’t no child’s play
What must’ve I done to have you here my love
This lifetime won’t be enough for this puzzle to be solved

My heart is yours, it belongs to your pure soul
It lives in you now, no saying no more
You’ll forever be loved, I know rest assured you’re
Even in eclipse you’ll shine, for you’re my lucky star

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