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Me Who?

Professionally, I’m a certified sommelier, wine taster, beverage educator, and consultant at our family-like company Wi-Not and wine school. Only a few would know what that actually means, my parents certainly don’t. A die-hard hospitality product, no one would’ve thought I’d come this far.

School (Montfort School, Delhi) was fun and studying was a rather minute area of interest then. Never gave anyone the chance to believe I’d have a serious career. Planning turned out well and Hotel Management is what I wanted to do since I remember being asked about my graduation intents. Meritorious in the discipline, even at masters at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, wine started as a subject and soon transpired into a passion. Never realised when! Today I proudly stand amongst the most educated wine professionals in the country. Certainly, the most celebrated of my age.  Magandeep SINGH, my mentor, is who I work along with. Not many get the chance of living what they dream, I do it each day. Working with my mentor and following my passion to earn a comfy living is by far the most satisfying feeling!

Mostly work-indulged, when not I prefer being left alone in my self-painted room with my PC, wine books, writing, and planning my next escapade. I love cooking.

I believe in experiencing something new every day. Have a big appetite for fun and adventure. Love to travel alone and make new pals. So much so that it is now seriously challenging and flirting with the idea of replacing wines as my number one. Treks, bike-rides, hikes, staying at hostels, finding inspirations for my next tattoo, and witnessing/experiencing anything that’s at the brink of expiring/extinction. There’s a thrill in approaching and conversing with unknown people and exchanging a window in to each others minds, way of living, and wisdom. Some find it plain and weird, I adulate it. The ideas this brain churns are at times wittily destructive and can be tagged as controversial too. Being a Sagittarius, being happy with even nothing, always motivated, and self-content comes naturally, thus being alone is very comfortable. Jovial and good-humoured (that’s subjective) surely helps in keeping the scene alive. Free from peripheries of social theories and beliefs, hardly follow them. Mostly what goes around nearby doesn’t always bothers me, I choose if to be.

I don’t like waiting for things to happen by themselves. I always wanted my own space to express my views and share them. This website is just that, never thought twice about it. What’s written here is not for everyone’s eyes and is rather reserved. However if you stumbled your way here, welcome, and enjoy ‘mindwalk‘.