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Me Who?

It is funny how we describe ourselves. We find the most fitting description to impress our audiences, almost presenting our CV, without realising that our work is just a rider for us to meet our passions and keep that fire alive. In my case though, my passion and career met, and paved the way for what has been a gratifying journey so far. Let me fail yet again in my own introduction though…

I’m an open headed, and mouthed, hospitality professional who works as a Certified Sommelier + Wine Educator to fund my fancies of travelling, learning about Mughal history, trekking, and capturing everything interesting. Having studied in a Catholic school, followed by a rather disciplined hospitality baptism, and then progressing to the Aussie way of living, in Melbourne, being astute, stringent, and a miser at negotiating with my principles, I have a periphery that can’t be breached. But, life’s boring without a generous serving of fun and indulgences. I love my wines, cocktails, gastronomy, pocketing tiny pleasures of life, and its teachings while on-the-go. Music rates high, with intellectual rap, soft arena rock, and the classics from the Hindi language. Put them together and you’ll have the clown and the mixologist of the party. Being the youngest in the family, that’s one amiability attached to your personality anyway.

I miss my father, and my companion of a decade, Beatle, and wear a permanent armband in their regard and memory. Papa has had a major impact on my life and his lessons are too dear to even flinch away from. My dear lady, Arundhati BOSE, better half of this site since 2018, sails my boat to every island that life has to take me to, and I’d have her sitting clutched next to me in every journey.

Chasing UNESCO sites in 2016 earned me the coveted Limca Book of Records entry for being the first person to have visited all 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India within a calendar year. This, I hope, stands testimony to my love for traveling and collecting anecdotes from Indian history.

I speak what I believe in, and believe in learning by making mistakes. Always open for a discussion, though beware of the temperament. It is the softer, milder, and the unrushed pockets of time in our lives that feed our souls and create milestones for us to look back and smile at. I’m here to ‘mindwalk’ about them and leave a journal behind.



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