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Humanity Instilled

Sometimes certain things happen that put you in the thinking chair for long. One such incident happened this Diwali in Ooty. In October-end, as a part of my backpack trip to Orissa and Tamil Nadu, I was on a train from Bhubaneswar to Chennai. Not only was it already running late when I boarded, but by the end of its run, it was at a seven hours delay. Aboard, comfy on my 3AC side-upper berth,


A Learning From Jodhpur

I’m unsure if this qualifies as a travel tale or as introspection while on-the-go. Nonetheless, it’s valuable enough to be recorded. I return to Jodhpur this November after nearly a decade after completing my Hotel Management graduation in 2007. Excitement was obvious not only to see the city in a new light, but also to see my cousin brother, Major Ashish Dwivedi, and his newly married wife. Just a day prior I learnt that he


I’m Gone

I’ve travelled well, been well fed, have slept well. Mind seems to be in the right spot, emotions are well placed, introspected, retrospected. All this takes me away from the hollow, aimless, short-sighted, daily life, fuels the imagination to figure the reasons and virtues of life. Human values, emotions, efforts, struggles, they all make sense but lack purpose. Family grows dearer, messages to the lost ones flow naturally. Love and compassion captures all scenes, fills


Away I Go

The 9th Indian Sommelier Championship, my baby, is done and dusted and I’m still reeling off of the fatigue and post-show stress. 2016 has been interesting for a different reason, travels have taken over but of a different kinds. I’m chasing the list of 50 UNESCO Heritage Sites in India and determined to conclude visiting them within the calendar year. If only it wasn’t tough already, India added three more sites this year, taking the

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50 Before 50

Alright, lets accept it, we like lists. The tallest, highest, longest, first, last, best, richest, poorest, and on and on and on it goes. It fascinates us. I like lists too, it puts things in order, provides an aim to work towards, and directs efforts in the right direction. Even currently I’m working on one – visiting all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India under a calendar year, there are 50!! Oh yes!! I’m

Morning Glory


On the moist and cold noon of 23rd November, 2043, Gagan Sharma, 57, was found dead just off of a lost trek path in the Himachal hills by the locals of a tiny hamlet. His back rested against the trunk of an aromatic Deodar tree, with a book narrating Mughal history in one hand, and a flask reeking of Cognac in the other. The reading torch had lost its battery and the phone’s power was almost



Not many would remember their very first day at school. We’re too young to develop memories then, or at least keep them, but a faint picture remains. Embarking on an all-important chapter of life, it sets a foundation for our lives to come and carves our personalities. We know little of what’s to come. There’s innocence. Without pretence, no judging or labelling, we’re there to conceive it all in its simplest and purest form, filling our


Our Flawed Upbringing

In India, we are taught to stay quite most of our childhood. When we are kids our parents show us an intimidating face signalling a beating we’ll receive if we voice our opinion or disagreed, even if humbly. It stays even when we mature, though its impact we know isn’t the same. The fear of getting a bashing fades away of course, but this way of mumming ourselves doesn’t. It’s disturbing as we grow on.



Kyun jeetey hai hum Kissa kisey sunana hai Waqt kabhi tera kabhi mera hai Sab toh peechey reh jana hai Pyaar ki boli boley hum Par pyaar sabko naseeb kaha Pyaar miley jise woh amar hai Jeetey ji woh allah ho jata hai Tanha sahi akela nahi hai tu Fikr na kar kisi ki, tanhaayi me bhi muskuraa Khud ka hi dost ban, khud hi ka dil jeet ja Koi samjhega nahi tujhey, khud me


Irony Meets Reality

I don’t have to be a father to know this, I see it around me. It’s a thought that’s comforting and disturbing at the same time… Choose for yourself. As a boy, every lad thinks of having kids someday in their married future. They have unsaid expectations of their kids becoming something they’d wish them to become. Why wouldn’t they? From who you love unconditionally you expect a good deal too, it’s not unnatural, is it? This