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Morning Glory


On the moist and cold noon of 23rd November, 2043, Gagan Sharma, 57, was found dead just off of a lost trek path in the Himachal hills by the locals of a tiny hamlet. His back rested against the trunk of an aromatic Deodar tree, with a book narrating Mughal history in one hand, and a flask reeking of Cognac in the other. The reading torch had lost its battery and the phone’s power was almost



Not many would remember their very first day at school. We’re too young to develop memories then, or at least keep them, but a faint picture remains. Embarking on an all-important chapter of life, it sets a foundation for our lives to come and carves our personalities. We know little of what’s to come. There’s innocence. Without pretence, no judging or labelling, we’re there to conceive it all in its simplest and purest form, filling our


Our Flawed Upbringing

In India, we are taught to stay quite most of our childhood. When we are kids our parents show us an intimidating face signalling a beating we’ll receive if we voice our opinion or disagreed, even if humbly. It stays even when we mature, though its impact we know isn’t the same. The fear of getting a bashing fades away of course, but this way of mumming ourselves doesn’t. It’s disturbing as we grow on.



Kyun jeetey hai hum Kissa kisey sunana hai Waqt kabhi tera kabhi mera hai Sab toh peechey reh jana hai Pyaar ki boli boley hum Par pyaar sabko naseeb kaha Pyaar miley jise woh amar hai Jeetey ji woh allah ho jata hai Tanha sahi akela nahi hai tu Fikr na kar kisi ki, tanhaayi me bhi muskuraa Khud ka hi dost ban, khud hi ka dil jeet ja Koi samjhega nahi tujhey, khud me


Irony Meets Reality

I don’t have to be a father to know this, I see it around me. It’s a thought that’s comforting and disturbing at the same time… Choose for yourself. As a boy, every lad thinks of having kids someday in their married future. They have unsaid expectations of their kids becoming something they’d wish them to become. Why wouldn’t they? From who you love unconditionally you expect a good deal too, it’s not unnatural, is it? This

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Your principles make you what you are. To take the bribe or not, or in this corporate world, to be picked up by something commercial versus something academic, is what is decided by your principles. At a young age, principles are feeble but gaining power over them and defining them is what marks your future. I’m today letting my principles of what was instilled in me by my father, elder brother, my teachers, my mother, my sister,

Holy Bibble

The Strongest Brand Built

‘Marketing’, ‘Branding’, and ‘Positioning’ are the big words of the management sector. They’re indeed the essence of any business and can play around in many ways even outside the business realms. However, ever thought which’s that one brand that’s been most powerful and most talked about over generations? Here’s a hint, it’s in everything. Some even believe it’s in everyone. It’s something you find everywhere but get nowhere. It’s simple, it’s GOD. I love and


Our World

When we are kids our world is encased within the boundaries of a crib, with a hanging toy, possibly. In the toddler age the idea of a monster is introduced into our world. May be in the attic or a dark store room or any place our parent’s don’t want us to go. Our world constantly grows and changes. This phenomenon is influenced by our updating of information. There is no guarantee that our information


India’s National Anthem Revisited

The full verse of India’s National Anthem that was written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1911 was revisited by The Times of India on India’s Independence Day (15th August) of year 2011. Under the light of India’s most respected and outstanding 39 artist the English trans-creation was beutifully presented by Jayabrato Chatterjee and narrated by Harshavardhan Neotia. I’ve never been so patriotically inspired from our national anthem or song as I was from this piece. What takes one for

Pearls Of The Future

Bartender! Cocktail My Future. Shaken, Not Stirred!!

Rejection on one end opens multiple other doors. I was lately asked to write an article on Molecular Mixology which I misread as Molecular Gastronomy and wrote a 1300 words saga about the branch of cookery I was alien to. I learnt a lot reading passionately about it. But the editor rejected it, of course, and it ended up landing on my webbie. (Every Dish Has A Mole To It) Still the work was to