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Your principles make you what you are. To take the bribe or not, or in this corporate world, to be picked up by something commercial versus something academic, is what is decided by your principles. At a young age, principles are feeble but gaining power over them and defining them is what marks your future. I’m today letting my principles of what was instilled in me by my father, elder brother, my teachers, my mother, my sister,

Holy Bibble

The Strongest Brand Built

‘Marketing’, ‘Branding’, and ‘Positioning’ are the big words of the management sector. They’re indeed the essence of any business and can play around in many ways even outside the business realms. However, ever thought which’s that one brand that’s been most powerful and most talked about over generations? Here’s a hint, it’s in everything. Some even believe it’s in everyone. It’s something you find everywhere but get nowhere. It’s simple, it’s GOD. I love and


Our World

When we are kids our world is encased within the boundaries of a crib, with a hanging toy, possibly. In the toddler age the idea of a monster is introduced into our world. May be in the attic or a dark store room or any place our parent’s don’t want us to go. Our world constantly grows and changes. This phenomenon is influenced by our updating of information. There is no guarantee that our information


India’s National Anthem Revisited

The full verse of India’s National Anthem that was written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1911 was revisited by The Times of India on India’s Independence Day (15th August) of year 2011. Under the light of India’s most respected and outstanding 39 artist the English trans-creation was beutifully presented by Jayabrato Chatterjee and narrated by Harshavardhan Neotia. I’ve never been so patriotically inspired from our national anthem or song as I was from this piece. What takes one for

Pearls Of The Future

Bartender! Cocktail My Future. Shaken, Not Stirred!!

Rejection on one end opens multiple other doors. I was lately asked to write an article on Molecular Mixology which I misread as Molecular Gastronomy and wrote a 1300 words saga about the branch of cookery I was alien to. I learnt a lot reading passionately about it. But the editor rejected it, of course, and it ended up landing on my webbie. (Every Dish Has A Mole To It) Still the work was to

Heston Blumenthal

Every Dish Has A Mole To It

The one act we’ve been following ever since we established sense of civilisation is that of cooking. Food is not only essential for survival but goes much beyond it, a legal sin to indulge in. And how it has developed over decades and centuries can be passionately narrated by any chef with keen interest. But what has kept the diners and the chefs busy lately is a new era of culinary science: Molecular Gastronomy. Born

Leela Udaipur

It’s All Fruity

Travel offers you many pleasures and experiences, best amongst them is the pleasure of learning. It comes in many ways but what I cherish is if it somehow relates to my passion of fine food and beverages. I lately visited the royal city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, for a couple of hours. The agenda was simple, wine trainings, but its outcome was rather sweet. This was my second visit to Hotel Leela, Udaipur. I was invited


Sommeliers Came From Ramayana

For those unknown to the term ‘sommelier’, we’re wine tasters and servers by profession. Not much seen in India but abroad it is a matter of prestige and symbol of class for a restaurant/hotel to have one aboard. Sommelier is French term that is believed to have come from, well, France. However, has the occupation come from France too? They surely will boast about it and will take all due credits for its origin but

Competitors Thought


This is an attempt, an attempt to put a thought on paper.  Some are good at this but as far as I am concerned I lack in expressing rather correct and systematic expressing. Anyone who knows me will agree I can go on and on for hours but they will also admit that the things I say may not make any sense at all. I won’t be surprised if this document is the same. Endless