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Heston Blumenthal

Every Dish Has A Mole To It

The one act we’ve been following ever since we established sense of civilisation is that of cooking. Food is not only essential for survival but goes much beyond it, a legal sin to indulge in. And how it has developed over decades and centuries can be passionately narrated by any chef with keen interest. But what has kept the diners and the chefs busy lately is a new era of culinary science: Molecular Gastronomy. Born

Leela Udaipur

It’s All Fruity

Travel offers you many pleasures and experiences, best amongst them is the pleasure of learning. It comes in many ways but what I cherish is if it somehow relates to my passion of fine food and beverages. I lately visited the royal city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, for a couple of hours. The agenda was simple, wine trainings, but its outcome was rather sweet. This was my second visit to Hotel Leela, Udaipur. I was invited


Sommeliers Came From Ramayana

For those unknown to the term ‘sommelier’, we’re wine tasters and servers by profession. Not much seen in India but abroad it is a matter of prestige and symbol of class for a restaurant/hotel to have one aboard. Sommelier is French term that is believed to have come from, well, France. However, has the occupation come from France too? They surely will boast about it and will take all due credits for its origin but

Competitors Thought


This is an attempt, an attempt to put a thought on paper.  Some are good at this but as far as I am concerned I lack in expressing rather correct and systematic expressing. Anyone who knows me will agree I can go on and on for hours but they will also admit that the things I say may not make any sense at all. I won’t be surprised if this document is the same. Endless