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What’s mindwalk?

‘mindwalk’ is the independence of thoughts of like-minded people. It starts with me and goes out to everyone who shares the idea of putting their thoughts, views, and secrets and sharing them on a mutual platform.

So why the name ‘mindwalk’? I love to travel alone. I reckon its then when you learn the most about yourself. The idea of creating a website crossed my mind on a trip to Bath, UK. I was cold, ill, and bored in that city of ultimate charm and elegance. It has so much meat for thoughts. I sat on a comfy couch in a warm coffee shop and reminisce about the better times in life. And realised that one’s cleanest, purest, most true, and personality-defining thoughts emerge when they walk alone meaninglessly and indulge in deconstructing the very fabric of what goes around in our daily lives. And this is what the website is all about. Carelessly sharing your true thoughts and views without the concern of falling into the prejudice of your prodigal alias.

I’m a thinker, not the best expresser though. Do I walk a lot in my busy city? No, but I do mindwalk everyday, we all do! And where these thoughts meet their delivery, it’s ‘mindwalk’.

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